A baker's dozen

13 Ways June Will Change the Way You Cook

12 Unique Cook Settings. One Intelligent Oven.

We packed the capabilities of 12 (yeah, you read that right) different appliances into one that's about the same size as a microwave. You can air fry, bake, toast, dehydrate, convection roast, grill, proof, and more with June. Think of all the counter space you'll save.

Your New Favorite App

When paired with our app, June becomes even more capable. Enjoy remote access anywhere you have an internet connection. Preheat on the way home from the market. Keep an eye on your cookies from the backyard with Live Video. Notifications are sent to all connected devices — tag team mealtime!

Powerful Food Recognition

June uses the built-in camera to identify what you’re cooking and recommends the best Cook-Program so you can prepare anything like a pro. It’s not magic but it sure feels like it. June can count, too. Four slices of toast will take just a tad longer than two.

Cooking + Computer Code = Delicious Meals, Every Time

Cooking at one temperature the whole time is so 2014. June’s Cook-Programs automatically switch through multiple temperatures and cooking methods to get perfect results every time. Custom designed by our engineers and chefs – they’re like recipes, but cheating.

Customize to Your Taste

An oven that can fry an egg is cool... but one that can fry that egg, and remember exactly how you like it? Awesome. How about extra-crispy bacon, light golden toast, or a medium-rare steak? Yup, that too. June can learn your preferences and remember them for next time.

Smart Today. And Smarter Tomorrow. 

Hassle-free WiFi updates mean you’re always ready with the latest software. New capabilities such as cook modes and Cook-Programs are automatically added. Fresh recipes are released every Friday, so you’ll always have answers for “What’s for Dinner?”

Food Thermometer Built for Professionals

Goodbye guesswork, hello scientifically-supported confidence. The Food Thermometer is accurate to 1°C. It enables June to make course corrections during cooking to deliver your desired doneness every time.

500+ Smart Recipes and Counting

Step-by-step video tutorials make every June recipe easy for cooks of all skill levels. Your June follows along too, preheating to the right temperature and setting a timer automatically as you progress through each step. Plus, our recipes are delicious.

A Touchscreen with Style

Think your smartphone is slick? June’s elegant touchscreen and intuitive interface will help you look and cook like the future lives in your kitchen. Just tap and relax.

Accessories for Any Occasion

June's quality and attention to detail are reflected in each accessory. Whether you're searing a steak, air frying churros, or making a quick grilled cheese, they'll help you reach perfection every time. Bonus: June is also happy to cook with the bakeware you already have.

Voice Control with Alexa

Just because your hands are messy doesn't mean your June has to be. Use Alexa's voice commands to start baking or set a timer. You can also turn June off or ask how long until your food is ready.

VoiceOver and TalkBack Support

The June app is designed to work with iOS and Android’s built-in screen reading software. Find the right cook program, adjust the temperature, set the timer, and get notifications on your device.

100-Day Happiness Guarantee

We're confident every kitchen is better with June, but sometimes eating is believing. Try June in the comfort of your own home for 100 days. If you don't love it as much as we do, you can return it for a full refund. No strings attached.

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