Entire kitchens built out of computer code

When inspiration strikes, say yes with confidence—knowing you'll have the most advanced tools at your fingertips.

Understanding the technology

The most sophisticated oven ever

June's computer controlled cooking system ensures your food is cooked perfectly every time. Data from six fast and energy efficient carbon-fiber heating elements, two convection fans, a precise platinum wire temperature sensor and a high-precision (±1°C) glass bead food-thermometer is processed once a second. This results in even cavity temperature and precise doneness. It also enables the oven to instantly transform between different cook modes while executing an automatic Cook-Program or your Custom Preset.

The June Oven

Intelligent camera

Our internal HD camera has been engineered to withstand oven temperatures up to 500 °F and the wide-angle lens captures the full oven cavity. All images are processed by our dedicated on device neural network to recognize and count your food. This enables June to recommend and configure an appropriate Automatic Cook-Program for you.

Sophisticated camera lens

A chef's mind

To ensure food is cooked perfectly, multiple cooking steps are often needed but hard to know and execute. The knowledge from our professionally-trained chefs has been translated into software to create our automatic multi-step Cook-Programs guaranteeing you consistent and delicious results every time.

Digital screen with easy to follow cooking instruction

Core temperature cooking

The most accurate way to know that your food has been cooked to your desired doneness is to track its internal temperature. Experienced chefs use thermometers all the time to avoid inaccurate guesswork. The June Food Thermometer constantly provides precise readings back to the oven to automatically switch cook modes, change temperatures and notify you when your food is ready.

Digital chart that tracks your foods internal temperature

A touch of elegance

At June, we believe cooking is fun and intuitive and so should interacting with your appliances. The beautiful June touchscreen experience was designed from the ground up for the kitchen. The 5-inch responsive capacitive touchscreen makes the interface feel fluid. IPS (in-plane-switching) technology LCD allows for bright colors and wide viewing angles.

Inbuilt touch screen panel

Automatically better

juneOS ensures your oven is always updated and on the latest software. New cooking capabilities such as cook modes and Automatic Cook-Programs are automatically added. The June Cookbook updates recipes weekly, so you are cooking with the latest and tastiest.

June OS logo

Best choice for your kitchen

June Oven


Full-Size Premium Range Oven


Countertop Convection Oven


Twin Convection Fans
Internal Food Thermometer
200+ Cook Programs
No preheat Needed
Food Recognition
Advanced Touchscreen
Live Video Monitoring
Cooking Update Notifications
Wi-Fi Software Updates
Alexa Enabled
Dedicated Cookbook App
LED Lighting
Musical Alerts