I’m cooking with
 some serious tech.

At June, we make kitchens feel like magic. We’re here to help the world look forward to cooking dinner again (and breakfast, lunch, snacks and late-night leftovers too) because we love food. We live for it. So, we wake up every day on a mission to make life taste better.
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Our secret recipe


June redefines precision cooking and jaw-dropping tech like no other smart oven. Or any kitchen appliance for that matter.

Elegant Style

Close your eyes and imagine a really slick smartphone—the kind you show off to your friends. Now picture it as a countertop smart oven. That’s June.

Premium Service

We care about our customers and are committed to keeping you cooking happily ever after. With June, you’re never alone in the kitchen.

Who We Are

Combine hungry foodies with smart-tech geeks, cook and enjoy. As a leading technology and culinary team, we work to create the best cooking experience possible.

Matt Van Horn

Co-Founder and CEO

What can we say? The guy’s got street cred. Matt co-founded June after rocking the tech world as VP of business for Path, and prior, as the head of biz dev at Digg. He also co-founded a little company called Zimride, which you probably know today as Lyft, and acted as Apple’s higher education marketer for the University of Arizona.

Nikhil Bhogal

Co-Founder and CTO

June would be nothing without Nikhil, who oversees engineering, product and design. Before co-founding June, he left his flawlessly coded mark on the tech world as a lead iOS developer at Path and engineer at Apple and Motorola. In fact, it was Nikhil who invented many of the iPhone’s camera technology patents. True story.