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Kitchen super-powers

Ready to become a better cook? June’s got your back. Tackle more complicated recipes. Juggle more dishes at once. Get more done in less time with the confidence that comes from a reliable, high-precision oven.

Restaurant quality from a countertop oven.

June delivers unprecedented performance for baking, roasting, broiling, toasting, and slow cooking. Fits easily on your countertop, yet boasts a large 1.0 cubic foot capacity. So you can use it for everything from elaborate roasts to 12-inch pizzas.

Food ID

  • 1

    Place food

    Place food in your June using dishes up to 11×16 inches. For perfect results, use the core temperature probe.

  • 2

    June identifies your food

    June identifies the food with its in-ceiling camera, weighs it, and recommends a cooking program.

  • 3

    June monitors your food

    Your food's weight and temperature are constantly monitored as it cooks to ensure perfect results.

Modern conveniences.

What do you get when you cook with precision sensors and more computing power than some laptops? More control, fewer surprises, and more enjoyable results than ever before.

  • Full HD camera

    Food ID, and streaming live video to your smartphone.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

    Software updates, remote control, and streaming video.

  • Weight sensors

    Load cells in the feet turn the top of the oven into a kitchen scale.

  • High-power LEDs

    Bright white light gives you a clear view of what's cooking.

  • Supercomputer brains

    NVIDIA 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU with 192 CUDA GPU cores.

  • 5-inch touchscreen

    With a beautiful multi-touch user interface.

Unleash your creativity.

June’s “Manual” cook mode gives you unprecedented control over every part of its performance.

  • Set Cavity Temperature
  • Set Top Element Power Level
  • Set Bottom Element Power Level
  • Set Convection Fan Speed
  • Set Target Core Temperature
  • Set Cook Time, or Cook Untimed
Custom made for   serious cooks. tech tinkerers. busy parents.

It’s your oven, so make it yours. Add your favorite cook modes and utilities to the home screen. Save kitchen timers for one-tap replay. Even pick the sound June plays when dinner’s ready.

Mission control for your kitchen.

The time you spend outside the kitchen is important. June’s powerful mobile app can help with that, too.

  • Intelligent alerts

    Entertaining guests? Get a push notification when dinner’s ready. And you can automatically mute them when you’re out of the house.

  • Smart recipes

    Follow rich, step-by-step video recipes authored by master chefs. Modify existing recipes, or write your own.

  • Live video monitoring

    Check cooking progress from anywhere, with live streaming video from June’s built-in HD camera.

  • Meal planning

    Add recipes to your calendar and June writes you a shopping list, scaled to suit the number of guests.

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