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The world’s only intelligent convection oven.

June makes cooking faster, easier and tastier.
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C6 Convection technology

June’s carbon fiber heating elements preheat three times faster, cook quicker and accurately maintain uniform temperature throughout the oven, like no other convection oven can.

Adaptive Cook Presets

June cooks your food exactly how you want it every time. Simply choose your doneness preference and June’s Adaptive Cook Presets will take it from there. Perfectly roasted broccoli or crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside whole chicken, June can do it all.

Cook from anywhere

June’s iOS app allows you to control your oven from anywhere, watch your food being cooked and be notified when your meal is ready.

Food ID

June’s internal HD camera and Food ID technology automatically identify a variety of foods. Then June selects the correct Adaptive Cook Preset to cook your food to your preference, no preheat required.

Doneness guaranteed

June’s Food Thermometer measures the internal temperature of your food to ensure it is cooked exactly to your liking.


June’s exterior remains safe to touch even when cooking at 500F. The heat cooks your food, not your kitchen.

Unobtrusive controls

June’s precision dial and responsive 5-inch touchscreen make interacting with June easy.

Maximum capacity

Engineered to maximize cooking space in a compact frame, June fits up to a 6lb chicken or 11x16 casserole dish.

Never outdated

June’s software updates automatically making sure your June cooks with our latest technology, all the time.

  • “My wife uses her big oven once a month. She uses June two or three times a day.”

    Michael Mina
    Michelin Star Chef & Founder, Mina Group
    Watch Michael's Review
  • “…it can automatically identify certain foods and determine how they should be cooked. Just slide the cut into the oven and June will handle the rest.”

  • “The Oven is impressive...all very cool, and reasonable for $1,495. It’s a beautiful, impeccably designed machine, and the interface is flawless.”

    Popular Mechanics
  • “The June Oven permits you to become a perfectionist…The technology is damn near immaculate, setting you up for nothing but successful outcomes.”

  • “Dining with June for a month gave me a glimpse of a future where we don’t need to be chefs to make restaurant-style meals.”

    Wall Street Journal
  • “...smartest cooking gadget on the market.”

    Food + Wine

The June Guarantee

Enjoy our 100 day no questions asked return policy and one year warranty.

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