Let's Do The Meal Math

Is a June Oven

Worth the Price?

Let's do the meal math.

You know the phrase, “Put your money where your mouth is”? Usually, it means to actually do what you say you support. We see it a bit more literally, as investing in what you put in your mouth and body. Translation: if you care about what you eat and enjoy delicious food, June is worth every single penny.

Simple confidence

June makes fast, delicious meals easy from the comfort of your own countertop. With June, there’s no guesswork. It does the work for you and cooks to perfection because June was designed by chefs and tech-nerds who love nothing more than great food.

June enables you to cook practically anything to restaurant-level standards — just for you or the whole family. No more worry-filled weeknights trying to decide on dinner. Now you have 12 smart appliances in one, plus hundreds of one-touch cook programs and guided smart recipes to make every meal a masterpiece. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Healthy Meals

Cooking at home is a healthy habit. When you control the ingredients and prepare your own meals, you know exactly what ends up on your plate.
To name only a few of June’s good-for-you features:

  • June makes it easy to integrate more vegetables and fruit into your diet by creating new, crave-worthy ways to prepare them with ease.
  • Compared to dining out, most people who cook at home consume fewer calories at each meal. So, June can help you manage your weight while enjoying delicious meals prepared in minutes.
  • June’s Air Fry cook mode delivers crispy, fried perfection with a fraction of the oil. It’s a fried food lovers’ new BFF.

Your health is priceless, and June brings serious value to that department. Can’t argue with that.

Savings on takeout and delivery

These savings speak for themselves. Just add up your takeout and dining receipts, and you’ll see what we mean. The average American spends $250/month dining out, and the average order size on delivery apps is $39. That’s a lot of dough.

Consider how much money you can save by cooking at home with June rather than dining out at a restaurant (appetizers and mains and desserts, oh my!), calling in delivery (order charge + app charge + delivery charge + driver tip), or driving your car to get takeout. It adds up faster — and to a higher total — than you might think.

Menu variety

Taco Tuesday. Meatless Monday. Pizza Friday. If you’re like many American households, there’s a method to your meal-ness. You might have the same dinner on certain days of the week or rotate between a handful of meals you know the whole family will eat. It can get a little…boring.

With June, a world of flavor awaits. Instead of dropping serious cash on one new appliance to add variety to your cooking, June delivers 12 smart appliances in one. There’s practically no limit to the types of food you can create — from global cuisine and classics the whole family will love to delicious new side dishes and desserts. You might even find yourself taking on new kitchen challenges, like bread baking with June’s proofer, dehydrating your own fruit or jerky snacks, or making one-pan meals that minimize cleanup. Yes, please.

Happy kitchens

Cooking should be fun, and June makes it a joy. Every element is engineered explicitly to delight your senses — from the bright LED lights that let you watch your recipe come to life to the musical tones that chime when June is preheated or finished cooking.

More smile-inducing features? Slick styling that you’ll love looking at on your countertop. Countless compliments from happy eaters. Connection with your family thanks to more home-cooked meals. All that and more makes June worth its weight in gold.

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