The Countertop Conundrum

Will a June Oven Fit in My Kitchen?

Your countertop. It’s a sacred space if we’ve ever known one and if you’re like us, every square inch matters. From blenders and microwaves to crockpots and air-fryers, there are more than enough appliances fighting for (counter)top billing. So, the question remains: will a June Oven fit in your kitchen?

The answer: absolutely.

June empowers you to consolidate your kitchen with 12 smart appliances in one. While it can’t replace everything (sorry, June doesn’t make espresso, but maybe we’ll look into that...), it can do some serious streamlining. A June isn’t much bigger than your microwave. Yet, it can operate as a convection oven, air-fryer, grill, roaster, slow cooker, dehydrator, toaster, re-heater, pizza oven, proofer, broiler, and warming drawer.

Exactly how big Is a June Oven?

June is 12.75 inches tall, 19.6 inches wide, and 19 inches deep with a full cubic foot of cooking space inside (fits standard 9×13-inch baking sheets and dishes up to 12×16 inches). June weighs 39 lbs. (17.7 kg), so it’s not a use-and-then-put-away appliance like a rice maker. But we’re pretty confident you’ll be thrilled to have June front and center, given its stylish, modern design and wide range of cook modes at your fingertips.

What about ventilation?

June can bring the heat, so it’s important to have proper ventilation. That being said, June is designed for optimal kitchen safety with minimal extra space needed. We recommend that you have at least two inches of open space on all sides of June and at least four inches above. June should not be operated in an enclosed space or built-in cabinet, but those are pretty much the only no-nos.

Want to see?

Droves of home-cooking enthusiasts have welcomed June onto their countertops, and here are a few of our favorite setups. From studio apartments to wide-open kitchens with giant islands, June easily fits right in. 

The June Oven
Put some swagger in your kitchen and let June do the cooking.
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favorite recipe
Beet and Fennel Gratin with Mint-Coconut Cream Sauce