June Launches Third Generation Oven - October 2020

San Francisco, October 21, 2020

June launches its third generation oven with updated hardware and software for the smartest cooking experience in the category. The 12-in-1 smart appliance can air fry, slow cook, grill, dehydrate, broil, bake, proof, stone fire pizza, roast, toast, keep foods warm and reheat with the skill of a chef and precision of a computer.

The June Smart Oven is the world’s first and only intelligent convection oven with a streamlined touchscreen interface and high performance camera inside that can identify hundreds of foods to start an automatic cook-program. With a rapid increase of at-home cooking, the third generation oven has been re-engineered to make the cooking experience easier and more seamless.

The latest software has been added to give users an even better cooking experience. Each of the six heating elements can now be controlled individually, as opposed to the second generation, which was controlled in three groups. This opens up endless cooking possibilities including rotisserie which allows for evenly roasted proteins and zone cooking which is enabled using the in-oven camera to detect where food is placed in the oven. June will focus the heating elements only in the area where food is to ensure a faster, better and more energy efficient cook session.

The new oven comes with a high quality aluminum handle that has a noticeable impact on a user's first touch impression. Guard rails on the top heating elements have been added along with new convection fan motors that reduce vibration and sound. A new chip set has also been implemented to improve connectivity.

The third generation will launch with three bundles to appeal to every customers' needs. They vary in price, depending on the quantity of accessories, including the newly launched Pizza and Grill Kit.

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