Software Update - April 2018

Latest Software Feature Updates on the June Oven and the June iOS App as of 4.10.18.

Check to make sure you have the latest software versions on your June Oven and the June iOS app. On your June Oven, the latest version is 1.9.1 and on your iOS June app, the latest version is 1.9.1.. You can check the oven's software version by going to Settings App > About > Your Oven.

Need a little extra?

Want your broccoli crispier or think your steak needs extra time in the June after the preset has finished? We’ve heard this request from many of our owners and now your wish has been granted! Press the “Keep Cooking” button after a preset has finished if you want to add cooking time, and June will continue cooking to your preferred doneness.

The power is in your hands now

Dreaming of making your own preset? Now YOU CAN!

Under the Presets tab in the June app (make sure to update the app), you can create your own preset for anything. Use any of our cook modes to create a custom cook program, and it will then be added to your presets.

Want to roast salmon at 400 F for 15 minutes and then add a broil? You can create a preset to do just that. Also share your presets with the June community and have others share theirs with you. The cooking possibilities are endless!

Bring on the heat

We’ve made Broil more exciting to use with customizable heat at your fingertips! Now you can adjust the intensity of the Broil cook mode from 5 to 10 in real time, which is perfect for melting cheese on lasagna, delicately broiling fish or getting that golden finish on top.

We’ve got sticker fever

Want to add flare to your food photos? We’ve added Stickers in the June app to make your food even more appetizing. What better way to say you’re an amazing chef by putting a thumbs up and bacon sticker on your picture and then sharing with your friends. No one will be able to resist coming over for dinner.

Bacon options galore

You love bacon. We love bacon. Everyone loves bacon especially cooked in the June. Because of everyone’s bacon obsession, we’ve added two more bacon cooking preferences to our presets. For thickness, you can choose from Thin, Thick and Extra Thick. For those who love foil and easy clean up, we’ve heard your plea. Now you can choose from Foil on Pan or No Foil on Pan. Go hog wild on all the bacon options!

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