Software Update - Mid July 2019

Latest Software Feature Updates on the June Oven and the June iOS App as of 7.8.19.

Check to make sure you have the latest software versions on your June Oven, the June iOS app, and the June Android app. On your June Oven, the latest version is 1.16.. On your iOS June app, the latest version is 1.16.1., and on your Android June app, the latest version is You can check the oven's software version by going to Settings App > About > Your Oven.

No matter how you slice it, you can count on June

It’s midnight and you’re home from a fun night (whether it’s a night out on the town or in my case, putting together puzzles), but your belly is growling. What are you craving? Pizza. It’s warm, cheesy and requires no utensils. When you’re a bit tired (or not coordinated if you’ve had a bit to drink), cooking is too difficult, so June is here to help!

Your oven now recognizes several types of frozen pizza. All you have to do is put your pizza in the June, and in no time, you’ll be chowing down on carby goodness. Here are the new food recognition categories we’ve added to make your late night snacking easy peasy:

  • Frozen Pizza, Classic
  • Frozen Pizza, Personal Size
  • Frozen Pizza, Rising Crust
  • Frozen Pizza, Thin and Crispy
  • Corn in a Husk
  • Popcorn


This update will be released to your oven overnight sometime this week (if your oven is connected to WiFi). You’ll know that you have the newest update when you see a What’s New screen on your June in the morning.

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Happy Cooking!

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