Software Update - October 2018

Latest Software Feature Updates on the June Oven and the June iOS App as of 10.9.18.

Check to make sure you have the latest software versions on your June Oven, the June iOS app, and the June Android app. On your June Oven, the latest version is 1.12.. On your iOS June app, the latest version is 1.12.1., and on your Android June app, the latest version is You can check the oven's software version by going to Settings App > About > Your Oven.

How to make the perfect steak in June

We know it’s hard to resist eating your food right away when June is done cooking, but hold onto that fork for one second. Some foods need to rest before being gobbled up to ensure it’s served at the perfect temperature, and we also want to prevent any burnt mouths when eating hot food (we’ve all been there and it’s a lesson we continue to forget).

For the best eating experience, we’ve added rest tips and times at the end of Cook-Programs like steak, pork chops and pie. We promise you that it will be worth the wait.

A forcefield for your June

Rejoice parents because child lock for your June touch screen has been added to your oven settings. If you have an active toddler or simply want to lock your screen, go to Settings > General > Turn Child Lock On. When child lock is turned on, the screen can only be activated by either pressing the screen with your finger for two seconds or opening the door. If your child is too smart and can disable child lock, then we think you should just have your child start cooking dinner for you with the June. You might as well use that power for good.

A big thank you to June owner Cameron who took this adorable picture of his son Miles enjoying the June packaging! We’re so happy that Miles can appreciate all parts of the June Oven!

June + Whole Foods = Delicious Partnership

If you love Whole Foods like how we love Whole Foods, then you’ll be excited to hear that we have created over 30 custom Whole Foods Cook-Programs for the June. We have specific Cook-Programs for their 365 brand food ranging from salmon fillet, sausage, biscuits, vegetable medley to pizza. Scroll to the third screen of your oven to find the Whole Foods logo and start cooking your favorite 365 food tonight.

Hi SF Bay Area Community - we’ll be demoing and selling June Ovens at select stores in SF Bay Area starting with the Franklin store in San Francisco on Saturday, October 13. We’d love for you to come by and say hello (if you want to buy a June Oven and take it home with you that day, you can).

Tofu or not tofu, that is the question

Impressed with how the June recognizes so many different types of food? Well, we just added five more foods, so keep being blown away by your June. Here are the new foods June recognizes:

  • Tofu
  • Eggs in the shell
  • Lobster tails
  • Jumbo Prawns
  • Pizza slices
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