Software Update - October 2019

Latest Software Feature Updates on the June Oven and the June iOS App as of 10.1.19.

Check to make sure you have the latest software versions on your June Oven, the June iOS app, and the June Android app. On your June Oven, the latest version is 1.17.. On your iOS June app, the latest version is 1.17.1., and on your Android June app, the latest version is You can check the oven's software version by going to Settings App > About > Your Oven.

You are the wind beneath my wings

It’s football season and that means we’re all spending quality time with family and friends in front of the TV cheering for our favorite team and eating all the snacks. To help make game day entertaining easier, we’ve launched lots of new Cook-Programs, so you can focus on the winning touchdown instead of worrying if your food is done.

Here is the list of new Cook-Programs that are launching in October:

  • Chicken Wings, Breaded (Frozen)
  • Chicken Wings, Buffalo (Frozen)
  • Chicken Wings, Leftover
  • Chicken Wings, Leftover Breaded
  • Crescent Rolls
  • King Crab Legs


Please make sure your oven is connected to WiFi to get the latest software updates. You’ll be able to find all the new Cook-Programs in the “New for October” list.

Happy Cooking and Go Team!

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