Software Update - July 2017

Say goodbye to your slow cooker

To celebrate all things summer, June updated your oven which includes a Slow Cook mode. What better way to say hello to summer than with tender pulled pork cooked in a June. There’s lots to share, so take a seat and start reading: 

Stay slow and warm on

Two new cooking programs have been added: Slow Cook and Keep Warm. With Slow Cook, you can toss out your slow cooker as you can now make everything from chili to soups with the Slow Cook program. With Keep Warm, you can keep your food warm while you are waiting for those late guests to arrive or preparing the rest of your dinner. 

Tips are appreciated

Cooking tips are available when you cook using a preset or Food ID to show you which rack to cook on, how you should position the Food Thermometer and if a preheat is needed. You can customize tips to be turned on or off for each specific preset.

The suggestion box is open

Now you can let us know how your cook session went. Happy with your food? Awesome. Give us a smiley face. Prefer your food to be cooked more or less? Click that sad face and let us know what can be improved to make your food better. 

New tunes of June

Who doesn’t like a cool new sound? Your June Oven comes with two new sound themes that will make you cook with your June just so you can hear these awesome sounds. There is also the option to change your sound volume to either softer or louder. 

No flipping required

When cooking steak and chicken nuggets, now there is no need to turn them over in the middle of your cook session. Who would have thought that cooking steak could get even easier? 

We’re always striving to make the June cooking experience the best for our community, so we hope you will enjoy this latest update. If you have feedback, just want to say hello or send us your favorite recipe, please email

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