Software Update - October 2017

Latest Software Feature Updates on the June Intelligent Oven and the June iOS App as of 10.23.17.

Check to make sure you have the latest software versions on your June Intelligent Oven and the June iOS app. On your June Intelligent Oven, the latest version is 1.7.0(Aj0aH19) and on your iOS June app, the latest version is 1.7.0. You can check the oven's software version by going to Settings App > About > Your Oven.

Cook anything with the June recipe app

The leaves are falling, the air is getting crisp and we’re preparing for the holidays. To help with your cooking, we’ve just added June specific recipes to the app that were developed by our in-house culinary team.

  • Cook with June’s easy to follow, step-by-step video recipes. It’s like having a chef cook with you.
  • Find recipes for easy one pan meals, dinners for that special someone and stress-free entertaining.
  • The app syncs with your June to automatically set the correct time, temperature, preset and preferred doneness for your recipe.
  • New guided recipes are being added every week.

As a show of our appreciation, your first six months of the June recipes iOS app will be complimentary when you sign up by December 31, 2017. Thank you so much for being a part of our community and we hope you enjoy cooking with our recipes!

Alexa, ask June to preheat to 350

Cooking is even more streamlined as June is now compatible with Alexa. You will be able to use Alexa to do many things with your June such as setting or adjusting a timer, adjusting the temperature and controlling convection fans. Here are sample commands you can use with your Alexa:

  • Alexa, tell June start roasting 
  • Alexa, tell June preheat the oven 
  • Alexa, ask June how long is left on the timer?


Your cleaning prayers have been answered

Need some help figuring out how to clean your June Oven? We’ve got you covered. Swipe to “Cleaning” on your oven, and you’ll see an illustrated cleaning guide that details how you can clean everything from the June’s interior and camera.

The guide will also keep the lights on to help you see while cleaning, let you know when the oven is safe to clean and locks the touchscreen. There is even a Blow Dry mode to evaporate excess water from cleaning. What other oven blow dries itself?

If you have feedback or any suggestions, we’d love to hear them at

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