Get started with your new oven

Below is a quick guide to help you set up your new oven.
  • 1. Remove protective films

    Remove any film or tape from the oven. Remove all packaging from oven accessories.

  • 2. Insert crumb tray beneath heating elements

    Insert the crumb tray on the floor of the oven, beneath the bottom heating elements.

  • 3. Insert wire shelf

    Insert the wire shelf in the middle shelf position. The shelf’s raised cross bars should be on top.

  • 4. Plug in your oven

    The touch-screen display will turn on. Make sure your oven is plugged directly into a wall socket—don’t use an extension cord or adapter, which could pose risk of fire.

  • 5. Leave space for ventilation

    Oven needs 2 inches of space on each side and at least 8 inches above and behind for proper air circulation. A plastic bumper keeps the back from touching any wall. Make sure all perforated vents are clear.

  • 6. Connect your oven to WiFi

    Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your oven. You will start by connecting your oven to WiFi and downloading the latest software.

  • 7. Get the app

    Use the app to set up your oven and control it from your device. Search ‘June oven’ in the Apple App Store, Google Play, or go to

  • 8. Control from anywhere

    The app syncs with your June to automatically set the correct time, temperature, preset and preferred doneness for your recipe.

Included accessories

  • Food Thermometer

    Connected into June, the Food Thermometer measures the internal temperature when inserted into the food. The high precision thermometer is accurate up to 1°F and can be used when cooking meat, fish, pies, baked potatoes and much more. The June probe is only 1.8mm (0.07 inches) thick, and unlike other probes, will not damage your food.

  • Roasting rack

    For use on the Pan when roasting to keep foods elevated and create a crisper finish.

  • Pan*

    Made from solid core aluminum with a high performance PFOA/PTFE free non-stick coating, June’s Pan distributes heat evenly and is easy to clean.

  • Wire shelf

    Slides into any of the three shelf positions.

  • Crumb tray

    Sits at the bottom of June to collect drippings and crumbs. Slides out for cleaning.

  • Three air fry and dehydrate baskets*

    For frying and dehydrating.

Make your first meal

Try these easy three-ingredient meals

Cook with June’s easy to follow, step-by-step video recipes. It’s like having a chef cook with you.

Explore recipes

Cooking with your June

June’s Automatic Cook-Programs and Food Recognition Items

  • Vegetables

    Acorn Squash Wedges
    Brussels Sprouts Halves*
    Butternut Squash Cubes*
    Button Mushrooms, Halves
    Button Mushrooms, Slices
    Button Mushrooms, Whole
    Carrots, Chunks*
    Cauliflower, Florets*
    Cauliflower, Steaks
    Corn in Husk
    Delicata Squash Slices
    Eggplant Slices*
    Garlic Cloves
    Green Beans*
    Kale Chips*
    Padron Peppers
    Portobello Mushrooms*
    Potato, Chunks*
    Spaghetti Squash
    Sweet Potato*
    Tomato Slices

  • Vegetarian

    Beyond Meat Burgers
    Beyond Meat Sausages
    Chickenless Nuggets
    Tofu Steak*
    Tofu Steak, Hodo*
    Veggie Burger

  • Seafood

    Cod Fillet*
    Halibut Fillet
    Jumbo Prawns
    Lobster Tails*
    Salmon Fillet*
    Tilapia Fillet*
    Tuna Steak

  • Poultry

    Chicken Apple Sausages*
    Chicken Breast*
    Chicken Drumsticks*
    Chicken Leg Quarters*
    Chicken Thighs*
    Chicken Wings*
    Chicken, Mixed Pieces
    Chicken, Spatchcock
    Chicken, Whole*
    Duck Breast
    Duck Leg Quarters
    Eggs, Hard Boiled*
    Turkey Burgers*

  • Baked Goods

    Chocolate Chip Cookies*
    Fruit Pie*
    Fudgy Brownies*
    Pumpkin Pie*

  • Leftovers

    Leftover Pizza, Classic Crust*
    Leftover Pizza, Deep Dish
    Leftover Pizza, Thin Crust*

  • Meat

    Beef Burgers
    Beef Hot Dogs
    Beef Jerky
    Beef Ribs
    Beef Ribs, English Cut
    Beef Roast
    Beef Steak*
    Duck Breast
    Duck Leg Quarters
    English Cut Short Ribs+
    Lamb Chops**
    Lamb Rack*
    Lamb Roast
    Lamb Shank
    Pork Chops
    Pork Loin
    Pork Ribs
    Pork Shoulder
    Pork Tenderloin

  • Toast

    Bread Slices*
    Bread Slices, Raisin*
    English Muffins*
    Hamburger Buns*
    Hot Dog Buns*
    Toaster Strudel*
    Tortillas, Corn*
    Tortillas, Flour*
    Waffles, Frozen*

  • Frozen Food

    Chicken Nuggets*
    Chicken Tenders*
    Corn Dogs
    Fish Sticks
    Fries, Classic*
    Fries, Crinkle Cut*
    Fries, Shoestring*
    Fries, Steakhouse*
    Mozzarella Sticks
    Pizza, Classic Crust
    Pizza, Personal Size
    Pizza, Rising Crust
    Pizza, Thin & Crispy*
    Tater Tots*
    Vegetable Mix

  • Fruit and Nuts

    Apple Slices*
    Pine Nuts
    Pineapple Chunks+
    Pumpkin Seeds
    Strawberry Slices

Many of our Cook-Programs allow for different preferences to be chosen
*Automatically recognized food
**Automatically recognized food only in the 2nd generation oven
+Only available on the 2nd generation oven