[June oven door opens and closes]

June is not an oven, or toaster, or slow cooker.

Or, any one of the many appliances that are crowding your countertop.

[Panning view of June oven with remaining cooking time of 5:29]

June is all of them.

[June oven detecting French Fries and Shoestring]

[Finger swapping June oven screen]

It cooks, grills, air-fries, dehydrates, bakes, roasts and more, and it's not much bigger

than your microwave.

[Panning view of June oven with remaining cooking time of 7:19]

June isn't just smart.

It's genius.

[Pan of salmon and asparagus is inserted in June oven]

[A food thermometer is inside the salmon]

[Connect food thermometer to oven]

The minute you put in your food it instantly recognizes what you're making, and helps you make it better.

[Oven recognizes "Salmon & Asparagus"]

[Finger taps "Salmon & Asparagus" icon]

Because, June is coded to think like a chef, and cook like one too.

Say you want to make one of your favorites. [chicken and vegetables on pan]

[Food thermometer is in the chicken]

[Food thermometer is connected to oven]

You can control everything yourself, or let June do the work.

[Finger taps "Chicken" icon]

[Finger taps "Continue"]

[Finger taps "Start Roasting"]

Just set your preferences, plug in a thermometer, and June seamlessly switches between a convection

[Oven showing 1:11:58 cooking time]

[Food temp 57°F]

roast, skin-crisping broil, and bake mode, for restaurant-quality results.

You want to sit and watch?

[Panning view inside june oven with chicken done]

Enjoy the show under the brilliant LED lights.

Want to walk away?

June's cool with that, too.

Just think: bacon, made perfectly crisp, while you watch TV.

[Crispy bacon on pan, inside june oven]

Want eggs with that?

Just crack, and cook.

No guesswork, no standing over the stove.

[Phone getting notification "Cooking is done!"]

June syncs to your device so you can keep an eye on your food from anywhere.

[June oven showing Wi-Fi connectivity]

Plus, Wi-Fi connectivity means June is always up-to-date and improving, with each use.

But, what if you're at a loss for what to make?

[Scrolling the list of recipes on ipad]

Happens to me all the time.

[Pan with salmon asparagus putting inside june oven]

[Food thermometer inside salmon]

You get access to hundreds of guided smart recipes created just for June.

[Connect thermometer to oven]

[Finger taps "Start Roasting"]

Like, one-pan salmon and asparagus, in nine minutes with no pre-heat.

[June oven showing remaining cooking time of 31 seconds]

[Food is done]

[Finger taps "Finish"]

You don't even have to think.

[Pan with salmon and asparagus getting remove from oven]

[Table with different dishes (wings, pizza)]

It's this magic machine that makes cooking foolproof, just for you, or your entire family.

[Pan with wings put into June oven]

[Finger taps "Start Air-Frying"]

Whether you're stone-firing pizza, reheating leftovers, air frying appetizers, or making

[Spaghetti meatballs in a bowl]

[Pizza on a grill pan]

[Oven roasted chicken pan putting on a table]

spaghetti and meatballs without boiling a drop of water, June is the all-in-one smart

[June's logo appearing]

kitchen that makes life taste better.