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This offer is valid for active Weber and June employees and those who have received the link, from October 17 to December 15. Limit five per purchaser. This offer is limited to friends and family of Weber and June employees, and is not an offer for sale to the general public. The link is only to be shared with trusted friends and family, and it nor the particulars of this offer are not to be shared publicly. The June products purchased through this offer are for the purchaser’s personal use and are not to be resold through e-Bay, Craigslist or other marketplaces or retailers. The offer is valid for online (Juneoven.com) purchases in the U.S. only. Products cannot be shipped to PO boxes. The offer is subject to availability and to supply and demand pressures. June reserves the right to change any details of this offer at any time. Offer void where prohibited by law. Shipping will be at the rates and terms currently provided by Juneoven.com at the time of purchase. Shipping or delivery delays may occur due to occurrences outside of June’s control. June and Weber are not responsible for such delays. Purchases made as a part of this offer are subject to any additional terms and conditions accompanying the purchase of product through the generated link.
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June Oven Pre-Holiday EPP Bundle

3x Air Baskets
Enameled Grill/Griddle
2x Roasting Racks
2x Nonstick Pans

Wire Shelf
Crumb Tray
Food Thermometer

Comes equipped to:
Air-Fry, Grill, Stone-Fire, Roast, Dehydrate, Convection Bake, Keep Warm, Toast, Broil, Reheat, Slow Cook

  • 100-Day Trial Period Not Applicable
  • Limited Warranty 1 year
  • Premium Recipes 1 year

Proving daily that entire kitchens can be built out of computer code.

Convection Oven

Twin convection fans double the airflow for faster, more even cooking.

Air Fryer

The same crispy, finger-licking results with a fraction of the oil? June’s got this.


The perfect char marks and doneness aren’t just an outdoor grill’s game.


Tender and juicy on the inside, crisp and caramelized on the outside.

Slow Cooker

Low, slow and just the way you like it. Your slow cooker won’t miss you, we promise.


Healthy and homemade. Who knew so much possibility could fit on your countertop?


June isn’t just some glorified toaster oven. But don’t get us wrong…it still toasts.


Give leftovers a reheat with real heat (and skip the rubbery aftermath of the microwave).

Pizza Oven

If stone-firing pizza in your own kitchen is wrong, we don't want to be right.


Bread makers and pastry chefs, we just want to get a rise out of you. Get it?


Turning up the heat is one of June’s specialties. Just tap and you shall receive.

Warming Drawer

Never get left in the cold again. June keeps food warm without worry.