Risk-Free 100 Day Cooking Trial
  • • Six carbon fiber heating elements
  • • Dual adaptive convection fans
  • • June Food ID technology
  • • 50+ cooking programs
  • • High-Precision Food Thermometer
  • • Safe to touch exterior
  • • June companion app for iOS
  • • Built-in digital scale
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June solves the problem that has challenged cooks for years - unpredictable cooking. Now you can cook your food exactly how you want it, no guesswork required.

Designed to work.

Total control from start to finish.

June’s precision dial and 5-inch touchscreen let you control every aspect of cooking.

The oven’s software updates automatically, because everyone can improve as a cook, even June.

It’s all in your hands, with the June app.

Pair your June with multiple devices to check in and control your oven from anywhere. Customized alerts on your phone, watch, or tablet let you choose what June tells you, and when.

  • My wife uses her big oven once a month. She uses June two or three times a day.

    Michael Mina
    Michelin Star CHef & Founder, Mina Group
    Watch Michael's Review

  • The June Intelligent Oven is an Internet-connected countertop system that can recognize foods and automatically cook them for you.”

    Wall Street Journal

  • The June Oven has two significant advantages over our other appliances: smart cooking technology and minimum footprint in our kitchen.”

    Katie, California

  • “Think of it as the Tesla of ovens, in that it self-drives the cooking process and continually learns from itself.”

    Business Insider

  • There is no guessing and I'm confident that everything is actually cooked to temperature.”

    Jim, California

  • You can even time-lapse the entire process through the June app, taking #foodporn to a whole new level.”


  • Meal preparation has now become more of a journey of knowledge and fun for my kids and myself.”

    Eric, New Jersey

  • The June Intelligent Oven wants to be the biggest game-changer in the kitchen since the microwave oven.”


  • Perfectly crispy bacon. Need I really say more?”

    Krista, Arizona

  • June knows what it is cooking ... there is one less thing we have to split our attention on. June does a fabulous job of just getting it right.”

    Wes, Georgia

  • With the June app, our whole family can watch our food cooking, no matter if we are inside or out, and know when it’s done”

    Mariah, Minnesota

Oven Specs


Height: 12.8 inches

Width: 19.6 inches

Depth: 19 inches

Weight: 44lbs (20.0kg)

Total power
1,800W (120V / 15A)
Top elements
4 × 450W “Instant-On” carbon fiber broiling elements
Bottom elements
2 × 450W “Instant-On” carbon fiber baking elements
Dual-Surround convection
2 × high-airflow, variable speed fans
5 inches
Viewing angle
160 degrees
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Capacitive touch with multi-touch support
Optical encoder wheel with click support
802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4/5 Ghz
NVIDIA Tegra K1 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A15 2.3 GHz
192 NVIDIA CUDA cores
2 GB DDR3 1600MHz
1.0 cubic foot
Tray size
Fits standard 9×13-inch baking sheets, and dishes up to 11×16 inches
Back wall
1.6 inches
Side wall
2 inches
Under cabinet
4 inches
16 bit / 44.1 Khz
2 Watts
1920×1080 at 30 FPS
Weight sensors
4 load cells
Internal cavity temperature sensor
Core temperature probe
2 ports, 1 probe included
Ambient light sensor
On-door, thin profile
2 high-power white LEDs
Polished stainless steel
Cold-rolled steel
Metallic Silver Grey
Door Edge-to-edge, triple-glazed, thermally coated glass
CNC-machined stainless steel

You ask, we answer

I already have an oven. Why do I need a June?

The June Oven performs all the functions of a top of the line convection oven; it bakes, roasts, broils, and toasts foods with unprecedented precision and speed. You will find that you no longer need your toaster or microwave. The variety and breadth of June's toasting options (from extra light bread to toaster pastries) will bring precision and ease to this humble task. Due to the speed of the June Oven's carbon fiber heating elements, you can reheat your leftovers quickly and evenly, with healthier and tastier results than your microwave. You’ll quickly rid your kitchen of all unnecessary appliances.

Essentially if it fits in a June Oven, June will cook it exactly how you want it.

How does Food ID work?

The June Oven uses an HD camera and powerful software that leverages the latest advances in artificial intelligence to identify common foods you put inside and recommend cooking times and temperature. It can even tell when bagels are put cut-side up or down and adjust toasting.

How does the warranty work?

We are excited to offer an extended 2 years of coverage for all manufacturer defects for ovens purchased before September 2017. If you need service for your June Oven, you can easily get in touch with our customer experience team to ship you a new oven. We will ship you a new or equivalent oven free of charge, to ensure you don’t miss out on any cooking time!

What comes with my June Oven?

When you purchase your June, you’ll also receive our custom accessories to get you cooking right away. We include:

June Pan

Made from solid core aluminum with a high performance PFOA/PFTE free non-stick coating, the June Pan distributes heat evenly and is (very) easy to clean.

Roasting rack

Place on the June Pan when roasting to keep foods elevated and create a crispier finish.

June Food Thermometer

The June Food Thermometer may be inserted into your food inside your June Oven. The high precision probe is accurate to 1 degree C.

Wire rack

Slides into any of the three rack positions.

Crumb tray

Sits at the bottom of your June Oven to collect drippings and crumbs. Slides out for cleaning.

Do I have to keep it on my counter? Can I build it into my kitchen?

The June Oven needs 2 inches of space on each side and at least 5 inches above for proper circulation.

Ensure at least 4 inches of space behind the oven, keep the glass door flush with the opening, and make sure all perforated vents are clear.

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