Who you calling “oven”?

I’m a full countertop smart kitchen with sizzle to spare.

Hi, I'm June.

Meet your time-saving kitchen companion. June serves up 12 cooking appliances in one magic machine, and it's not much bigger than your microwave. Nice.
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Proving daily that entire kitchens can be built out of computer code.

Convection Oven

Twin convection fans double the airflow for faster, more even cooking.

Air Fryer

The same crispy, finger-licking results with a fraction of the oil? June’s got this.


The perfect char marks and doneness aren’t just an outdoor grill’s game.


Tender and juicy on the inside, crisp and caramelized on the outside.

Slow Cooker

Low, slow and just the way you like it. Your slow cooker won’t miss you, we promise.


Healthy and homemade. Who knew so much possibility could fit on your countertop?


June isn’t just some glorified toaster oven. But don’t get us wrong…it still toasts.


Give leftovers a reheat with real heat (and skip the rubbery aftermath of the microwave).

Pizza Oven

If stone-firing pizza in your own kitchen is wrong, we don't want to be right.


Bread makers and pastry chefs, we just want to get a rise out of you. Get it?


Turning up the heat is one of June’s specialties. Just tap and you shall receive.

Warming Drawer

Never get left in the cold again. June keeps food warm without worry.

June thinks like a chef and cooks like one too.

400+ guided smart recipes created by professional chefs and synced to your June.

June thinks like a chef and cooks like one too.

400+ guided smart recipes created by professional chefs and synced to your June.

Oven menu with Steak and Beef Patty buttons and Programs, Roast, Bake and Slow Cook buttons Cook program screen for Steak with message Steak (12 minutes), with Start Broiling button highlighted and Medium Rare and exit button Remaining time for cooking steak 11 min 32 sec, Broil 1 of 4, Food Temperature 43 degrees F Remaining time for cooking steak 3 min 51 sec, Broil 4 of 4, Food Temperature 111 degrees F Cook program screen for Steak with message plate and rest 5 minutes (out of 12 minutes), with Finish button highlighted and Keep Broiling and exit buttons

Hassles have no place in this kitchen.

Grab your appetite and leave the kitchen chaos behind. June gets delicious done, and then some.

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Roasted Chicken

A complete family dinner in one pan

Salmon & Green Beans

Exciting new meals in minutes

Spaghetti & Meatballs

All without boiling a drop of water

Air-Fried Chicken

Perfectly crisp and stovetop splatter free

Hard Boiled Eggs

It’s not magic. It’s June.

Breakfast Sandwich

Café quality at home, for less

My friends call me “smart.” I prefer the term “genius.”

June intelligently recognizes what’s cooking and helps you make it better. It’s why the cook masters at Weber® use June technology in their grills and smokers. Next stop: your kitchen.

The June App

Happiness is a weeknight without worry.

  • Remote preheat + adjust time and temp from anywhere.
  • Keep an eye on what’s cooking with live video.
  • Get smart alerts for your mealtime ETA.
  • Access hundreds of guided smart recipes for every occasion.
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Premium Smart Recipes for as low as $9.99/mo
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Pro Partners

Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s. Trained chefs. June’s recipe writing roster reads like a who’s who of culinary pros.

Alexa compatible

“Alexa, preheat June to 350.” Amazon is a June investor, so of course Alexa is just one hands-free command away.

Automatic updates

June doesn’t know the
meaning of out-of-date. WiFi connectivity auto-updates with the latest features.